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  • Japanese version of Windows
    • Setting system locale (Language for non-Unicode programs) to 'Japanese (Japan)' on other language version of Windows is not yet tested, but may work.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional
  • Windows SDK 7.1
  • 'unicode' and 'zlib' directory from original xyzzy source archive.


Open xyzzy.sln and 'Build Solution' with both 'Debug' and 'Release' configurations.


  1. Start xyzzy+
  2. Compile compile.l (Select file(s) and press 'B' (Shift + b) on filer is easy way to compile file(s))
  3. Restart xyzzy+
  4. Compile other *.l files
  5. Re-dump xyzzy+ (Start xyzzy+ with holding down 'Shift' and 'Ctrl')
  6. Have a fun!

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