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April 1, 2012

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Released: Apr 1, 2012
Updated: Apr 1, 2012 by katayama
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Release Notes

SHA1: 6a07f0ed8d8006f26936a5bb45cf85405d8de8a4


  • This release is not for daily use, just for fun.
  • keymaps are broken. (For example, C-g, #\TAB and #\RET will not work in minibuffer)
  • dialogs are completely broken.

Usual xyzzy+

class lisp_object;
typedef lisp_object *lisp;
lsymbol *p = ldata <lsymbol, Tsymbol>::alloc ();

Today's xyzzy+

ref class lisp_object;
typedef lisp_object ^lisp;
lsymbol ^p = gcnew lsymbol (Tsymbol);



  • Use C-x C-e to evaluate. C-j in Lisp Interaction mode will not work due to broken keymap.
  • If Exceptions are thrown, application will crash. (Oops!)
(si::clr-type "System.String")
-> #<clr: Type System.String>

(si::clr-new (si::clr-type "System.Object") () ())
-> #<clr: Object System.Object>

(si::clr-nullp (si::clr-type "System.String"))
-> nil

(si::clr-marshal-string "hoge")
-> #<clr: String hoge>

(si::clr-unmarshal-string (si::clr-marshal-string "hoge"))
-> "hoge"

(si::clr-cast (si::clr-marshal-string "hoge") (si::clr-type "System.Object"))
-> #<clr: Object hoge>

(si::clr-invoke (si::clr-marshal-string "hoge")
                "EndsWith" (list string-type)
                (list (si::clr-marshal-string "ge")))
-> #<clr: Boolean True>

 (si::clr-type "System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox, System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089")
 (list (si::clr-type "System.String"))
 (list (si::clr-marshal-string "hoge")))
-> ???

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